Monday, October 11, 2010


Samantha, talking to Jacob:
"Jesus and God. God is everywhere. God made Daddy. God made Mommies and Daddies. Brothers, too. All the children. Amen."
{How sweet is that?! She is already teaching her brother about God this makes my heart smile :)}


Brent asking Samantha questions:
B: Samantha how many stars are there?
S: Five!
Me: Are you sure?
S: (looks down and holds out her hand, counting her fingers)1...2...3...4...5...yes, FIVE!
B: Where did the stars come from?
S: From our house!
C: Who made the stars?

I guess sometimes it's just about how you ask the question. :)


In the car:
S: Mommy, I digging dirt out of my noses.
Me: Why are you digging dirt out of your nose?
S: Because there's a lot of dirt in my noses!

Ask a silly question...


Samantha came into my room the other day and told me "Mommy, I telled Jacob Don't move a muscle!" I asked why and she answered "Because he needs to not move a muscle!"


Samantha gave Jacob a piece of her banana while I was getting his food out. I reminded her that she can't give him ANY food unless Mommy or Daddy says it is OK for her to give it to him. She said OK and paused, then said "Mommy, may I give Jacob a banana?" I think we need to work on the whole concept of time a little bit more.

S: What was that?
Me: The ice maker.
a few seconds later
S: What was that?
Me: The first sound was the ice dumping out of the ice maker. The 2nd sound was the ice cube tray filling with water to make more ice.
S: Mmmhmm. Everybody knows that! Right, Mommy?
Me: Well, maybe not everybody, but lots of people do.
S: We're people. We are people, right, Mommy?