Friday, November 21, 2008

Cold Snap!

I am so glad that I went looking for a coat for Samantha a couple of weeks ago, because we really needed it last weekend. And then this morning it actually got to freezing so we needed it even more. Old Navy was the first store I went to and they had a cold snap sale. All outerwear was 50% off, and I found such a cute coat! Samantha's not much into the getting bundled up part, but she doesn't protest too much. And once everything is on, she is happy again.

There were hardly any mittens to be found, but Target did have this cute monkey hat that came with mittens. And it goes so well with her coat! The best part is that Samantha doesn't mind wearing it all. She is so good about leaving hats, bows, etc completely alone. Yeah!

And we had these lined overalls in her closet, so her legs were warm, too. I do realize that with the overalls and her short hair and no pink to be found on her that she looks a little more like a boy than a girl. But you have to admit, she is still adorable no matter what. You can also see that she loves her books. That is something she definitely gets from both of her parents. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, Samantha is SOOOO adorable all bundled up like that! What a cutie pie! - Robin