Monday, December 1, 2008

Still Thankful

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend in Clifton! We spent four days with Brent's family. Emma (and Christopher, but especially Emma) was so excited to see Samantha. She sat on the floor and played with her for hours on end. What a wonderful big cousin. Once Samantha got used to everyone again, she loved all the attention!

We did have a little problem while we were there. Samantha started running a fever and got pretty grouchy on Wednesday afternoon. The fever went down when we gave her medicine, but then it came back higher. This cycle continued, so on Thursday afternoon, when her fever hit 103.1 and she had only had 7 ounces to drink all day, we decided to call her doctor. Dr. Ramirez called us back and said that based on the symptoms we were describing, she was pretty sure that Samantha wasn't over her ear infection yet. She called a new antibiotic prescription in to the local pharmacy, and we picked it up the next morning. What a wonderful doctor we have, who is available for us even on her holidays and time with her family! Samantha was doing much better by Saturday and was almost back to normal by Sunday. And we got to continue enjoying our time with our family rather than worrying about whether we needed to take Samantha to the emergency room.

There are so many things that we are thankful for. We are thankful for our sweet baby girl and the joy she brings to ou life. We are thankful that the challenges we have with her health are things that are able to be taken care of with medicine, and that medicine is available to us. We are thankful for all of our loving family and friends. We are thankful that we live close enough that we can travel to see our families on all the holidays. We are thankful that we have a comfortable home to come back to when we are finished with each trip. We are thankful for safe travels for us and each of our family members. And we are thankful for all the blessings that God showers on us each day.

Here are some pictures to help us remember all the fun we had this Thanksgiving. (Thanks to Staci for most of these, somehow, I'm not as good about being out with everyone and taking pictures as I used to be. Hmm...I guess that's what happens when you have a baby.)
Here is Samantha in her "little turkey" pajamas. Not only are they cute, they are appropriate, both for Thanksgiving and for our daughter!

Samantha trying her first bite of pumpkin pie.
As you can see from the big smile, she is definitely a fan!

Brent, Emma and Christopher climbing the tree together.

Samantha and Emma enjoying reading books together.

What a sweet set of siblings!

Dave and Staci

Mom and Dad Grelle

cousins: Emma, Christopher, Samantha and Sidney

Anne, Chris and Sidney

It's a cousin totem pole! Christopher, Emma and Samantha

And a couple more cousin pics

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (even though it's a few days late :))