Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oops, I missed the 10 month post!

It occurred to me that in the excitement of Samantha's weight gain on Friday, I forgot to write about her being 10 months old, so I will write it now. And speaking of her weight gain, if you are wondering, she was 15 lbs 1.5 oz on Friday. She had gained 8 oz in 11 days! Woohoo!

On her 10 month birthday, which was Friday, Samantha had 4 teeth. On Saturday she got one more and she is very close to having a 6th one as well. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow...we'll see it soon I am sure!

Samantha is still exerting her independence. She decides what she will eat and is very adament about not taking anything else. Usually that means that she will eat her jarred food for a little while, then maybe a biter biscuit, puffy stars or wagon wheels, but ultimately, the only thing she wants is her yogurt melts...and only if she is the one putting them in her own mouth. She will even pick out the yogurt melts from a pile of yogurt and stars, leaving the stars behind.

Samantha loves to laugh, and will sign "more" to ask us to keep blowing on her belly, which then causes her to laugh even more. Her laugh is adorable! She has a beautiful smile, and smiles at nearly everyone. She does act shy around strangers, though, and will snuggle into my shoulder as she smiles at someone she doesn't know. She has found her feet again and loves to play with them when she is getting her diaper changed.

She still blows rasberries all the time, and has added kissing sounds to her repetoire. She figured out how to do this while sucking on a yogurt melt, and will continue doing it even after she has finshed the yogurt, but she can't figure out how to do it without the yogurt to start. I'm sure inspiration will strike soon and then we will hear constant baby kissing. :)

One of her favorite games (besides peek-a-boo) is making sounds and having Brent or me copy them. She thinks that is hilarious! She loves to dance and will crack up as I dance around the living room with her in my arms. She will also dance on her own if she is sitting up when she hears music that she likes.

She still gives baby kisses to Brent all the time, but she ducks her head away rather than give them to me most of the time. She is most definitely a Daddy's girl, but at bedtime, it is Mommy she wants. Bath time is her favorite time of day, and she is very good at splashing, which she thinks is a wonderful pasttime.

We have an extremely mobile baby! She does an army crawl all over the place and when she gets tired of that, she starts rolling again. She has gotten up on her hands and knees and rocked back and forth several times. Then, yesterday, she actually moved her knees and hands a couple times before going back down into an army crawl. We weren't fast enough to get a picture or a video, though.

Yesterday was also a first for how much she was exploring. In the living room, she got herself under the wingback chair with just her head sticking out and had a great time until we pulled her out. Then she crawled under the end table and found lots of things that we had to quickly move out of her way.

A little later, I put her into her room to play. Normally she will play with her toys, and move contentedly around her room for quite some time. While she was playing, I folded some laundry in the living room and then went to put it away in my room. When I walked out of my room to go back to the living room for more clothes, I was startled by seeing Samantha in the hallway, crawling toward our room. It is definitely time for some serious babyproofing!

And finally, here are some more sleeping baby pictures as previously promised. You can't see them in all the pictures, but lambie and blankie are there every time. She will actually search for these two favorites as she is sleeping in her bed, throwing other things to the side as she looks, then snuggling right to sleep as soon as she has them.