Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow day!

I was working on the computer in the morning on 2/11/10, and when Samantha woke up, she crawled into my bed to drink her milk. She loves to look at the window when she is on our bed, and this day was no exception. She looked out and told me "Snowing, Mommy!" I looked out and sure enough, she was right. The snow was coming down hard and there were several inches on the ground. She and I got dressed quickly so that we could go outside as soon as Jacob went to sleep for his first morning nap (thank goodness for baby monitors that can run on batteries and work in the front yard!)

We had lots of fun, and she was definitely not happy about coming inside. I told her that we could go back out later...after her nap and after Daddy got home. She wanted to go out again so badly, that at 12:30, she asked me to put her down for her nap. This is the child who always protests at going to sleep...and she normally doesn't go down until between 1:30 and 2!

The snow kept coming down all day...and continued for most of the night. We woke up to an amazing sight on Friday morning after a record 12.5 inches of snow fell. It was absolutely beautiful! And then it was so much fun to play in!

2/11/10 at 9:30am

2/11/10 at 4:30pm

2/12/10 at 7:40am

2/13/10 at 3:00pm

We are sad to see the end of the snow, but that's also the best part about living in Texas...even when we get an incredible snow day, the roads clear up very quickly and we are not stuck for long :)