Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beginning again...

I am smack dab in the middle of my first week back at work (I started on Tuesday, so this is day 3 of 4) since having Jacob. And today is my first day of tears. I think it's just because I am more tired after working a couple of days...and not having any down time during the day. I miss my kids. I miss my home. I miss being home when Brent comes in the door and Samantha runs excitedly yelling "Daddy home!" I even miss dishes and laundry and the mess that Samantha makes while eating lunch and toys all over the house...oh wait, she makes a mess during dinner and there are still toys all over the house ;)

I know, I'm being a little whiny today...or maybe a lot whiny today. I have been here before, and I know that it will get better. I know that we will find a new normal. And then when we become accustomed to the new normal, there will be more changes. And we will adapt to those. And every day won't be hard. But right now it is.

So for right now, I am reminding myself of the positives. Samnatha LOVES Mrs. Nancy and is excited to go to her house every day. She doesn't even fuss at all when I leave for work. Nancy loves the children in her care and keeps them all in her prayers. Nancy lives close to us, so it doesn't take long to get the kids after work. I work close to home, so there is a lot less time I am away from the kids most days. I am grateful for a good childcare situation where Samantha has friends close to her age and has children older and younger. And Jacob has a lot of big girls who are all excited to see "the baby" every day.

We will have other new beginnings in our lives...some will be happy and some will be sad. They will all be something different and they will all require us to adapt. So I will keep trying to adapt quickly. And I will remember to keep looking for the positives.