Friday, September 4, 2009

The rest of the story...

My sister-in-law made an announcement on facebook last night so now I get to tell the rest of the story from the July 4th weekend.

When Dave and Staci got to the house, Emma walked in with a shirt that said "Big Sister" How exciting! Samantha will be getting a brother or sister in December and then a new cousin in late February or early March. Staci told us that when they told Christopher and Emma that they were having a baby, Emma said "I never ever thought that I would be a big sister!" and "I'm so excited that I think I'm going to throw up," as well as a few other cute statements (which I can't remember now) that reflected how excited she is. She also said that she wanted to wear a shirt like Samantha's (the big sister shirt that we made our announcement with.) I can't remember what Christopher said, I knew I should have written down all those things that Staci told me! So Staci, maybe you can help me was all so cute!

It is very exciting to be getting another baby in the family!

So today I am thankful
-- that we will get a new niece or nephew to love on
--that our new baby is growing, kicking and seems to be doing very well
--that we had a really cool lightning show last night and had a little bit of rain
--that we have a three day weekend that starts at 5pm :)