Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's here, it's here!

We have been looking forward to today for over a year, and it is finally here!

When Samantha first saw her GI doctor and started her second reflux medication, we were told that most babies outgrow their reflux about the time that they start sitting up. Well Samantha started sitting up sometime last summer, but her reflux didn't get better. The Dr. Argao said she would probably outgrow it when she started crawling. She started crawling in Novemeber, but she still didn't outgrow her reflux. So next he said that she would probably outgrow it when she was a year old, but that didn't happen either.

Dr. Argao stopped making predictions at that point and I started wondering if we had one of the 3% of children with reflux who do not outgrow it. Then Samantha suddenly started doing much better in the early spring, and I started being hopeful that we would be starting to wean her off the medication at her next GI appointment...until she started throwing up again and we had to increase the dose.

We saw Dr. Argao in June and he said that she weighed enough that we could increase the dose, but she was still doing great, so we didn't need to. He also said that when he saw her 3 months later that if we still had not increased the dose, we would be able to talk about weaning her off. So she saw Dr. Argao again yesterday...and she has had no signs of reflux. She didn't even throw up when she was hysterically crying the other day. So today we move her from 3 times a day to twice a day on her bethanachol. And if we have no problems after a week, we take her completely off it. And if we have no problems for a month after that, we give her half her dose of prevacid. Then she sees Dr. Argao in November and if everything looks good at that point, she will be off all her reflux medicines. WOOHOO!!!!