Thursday, January 29, 2009


We had a day and a half off work for ice days. It was so strange that after extra, unexpected time off work, it was so hard to go back. It made me I always that greedy, wanting more of something I have been given rather than being grateful for what I have received? I'll have to think more about that.

When I was driving down the street yesterday afternoon, I noticed that in my rear view mirror, the trees all sparkled with ice, but looking ahead, they just looked like normal trees. As I passsed a tree, I looked back, and noticed that it, too sparkled with ice. The side of the tree in the shade still had ice on it, and sparkled beautifully in the bright sunshine, but the side in the sun was dry. Another metaphor for our lives? Going through the shadows causes us to grow and become more beautiful, and gives us reason for joy when the sun comes out. And as a result, we have something beautiful to show those around us.

When we went to Samantha's one year check up, the doctor referred to her as a toddler. I denied it, she is not a toddler! She is my baby. And she isn't even cruising yet, so she can't be a toddler! But her age is what matters for the doctor. My baby is growing up and is now a toddler. How has a year gone by so quickly? Where did my snuggly baby go? Now she is a vastly independent little girl, who only snuggles when she is very tired, or not feeling well. And beleive me, I DEFINITELY take advantage of those snuggle times now.