Wednesday, January 7, 2009

12 months = 1 year

Our sweet baby girl turned one year old today. Where did the year go?

Her one year stats are length 28inches, (25%), head 17.5in (25%) and weight 16lb 4.5oz (still not even on the chart) Dr. Ramirez thinks that she will probably make it onto the growth chart by this time next year. I guess we will just wait and see. Until then, Samantha is to drink infant formula rather than whole milk in order to try to get her more calories and nutrients.

Samantha is so much fun to be around. She is crawling all over the place, and will pull up to her knees. She is capable of pulling up to her feet, but she gets mad because she can't figure out how to get back down at that point. She easily gets down from her knees, though. For that matter, she gets up on her knees without pulling up on anything at all. I wonder if she will start walking on her knees next! ;) She gets very excited when we walk in the door to get and smiles and starts bouncing up and down.

Bath time is her favorite time of day. She thinks splashing is the best activity there is, and she even gets mad sometimes when I take her out of the bathtub. And no, you aren't imagining anything...she has red in her right ear and blue in her left. Those are her ear molds that she has to wear to keep water out of her ears since she now has tubes in her ears. Brent and I still have a very hard time getting them in, and I even resort to using the silicone putty sometimes instead. Staci gets those molds in so fast, though, that Samantha hardly even knows anything happened. Hopefully, with enough practice, I will get that good.

Samantha still loves to read! Books remain her favorite toy. In a close tie for the second favorite, though are a christmas present that she got from my grandpa - a rocking caterpillar that plays music - and her birthday present from her Memaw and Grandpa - a pink pony that plays music and she can roll around the house on. She is GREAT at making it go backwards, but hasn't figured out how to go forward yet. That doesn't bother her one bit, though. She just goes backward until she comes up against something solid and then babbles at us until we mover her forward or turn her around so that she can keep going.

Samantha waves bye-bye and says bye-bye as she does that, blows kisses, signs "thank you" when we tell her too, claps her hands anytime someone says yeah, and signs "more". She is drinking from a cup most of the time, but refuses to give up her bottle first thing in the morning and just before she goes to sleep at night. Since we are still working on her weight gain, we aren't pushing that too hard yet.

Samantha still loves to listen to music and frequently dances when she hears a beat she likes. She even started dancing to the music in church the other day. Speaking of music, she still loves to sing, and will even occassionally sing when she isn't going to sleep.

Samantha still thinks that there are way too many things to do, so fights going to sleep as long as she can. You can judge how tired she really is by how loud and rambunctious she gets in the evening. The louder and more wound up, means bedtime needs to be coming very soon!

As far as her words, we know that Samantha says bye or bye-bye, we think she says mama and dada for our names (she says that sounds a lot, we just aren't sure they are real words yet) and she says ba for "book"

We had her birthday party a few days before her actual birthday, so I have a few pictures here to show you from that fun event.

We are so grateful for yet another wonderful month with our sweetheart and we are looking forward to what the next month and years bring.