Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On the Road Again

That is our permanent motto since both Brent's family and my family live at least several hours from us. Since we had a three day weekend for Labor Day, we decided to travel to San Angelo. This was a 4.5 hour trip before we had the baby, so it is really long now. Samantha does great in the car, for a while, but 3 hours is about her limit unless she is sleeping. Unfortunately, she was not sleeping much on the way home yesterday. She got very grouchy about 10 minutes before we got to Weatherford, so we took a 30 minute break there and fed the baby and walked the dog. Then got back in the car for the remaining 1.5 hours of the trip. Thankfully, Samantha fell asleep not too long after we got back in the car, so we didn't have to listen to a screaming baby in a small, enclosed space.

We had a great time in San Angelo. We got to hang out with my family, see my friend Karyn and see the house that my sister and her fiancee are buying. The only bad part of the whole weekend was having to leave. It seemed like we had just gotten there when it was time to go.

This is the oldest member of my family, and the grandpa and my baby.

And here is my grandma with Samantha.

On Sunday afternoon, Benjamin, Samantha and I went to see my friend Karyn and her family. This was the first time that Samantha met her "Aunt Karyn" and was the first time that I have seen Adena in a year. I'm so glad that we got to spend some time together. Samantha had a great time rolling around the floor and Benjamin had a great time taking pictures. Adena loved playing pat-a-cake and tickling Samantha.

And this is a picture (that Benjamin took) of Karyn's 6.5 month pregnant belly. She hardly even looks 4 months, but her 2nd baby girl is due in November. (And I can just imagine what she will have to say to me about posting this picture! Hehehe...)

Now we just have to figure out when we will get to go back again!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good time! It's always fun for me to spend time away from work with family.