Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another First

Yikes! I just noticed that I haven't published anything for about 6 weeks! Mom, I am so sorry! But at least you have seen us a couple times recently, so you aren't COMPLETELY grandchild deprived.

Anyway...for everyone else, now, I have to tell you about another first that happened today...and this time it is not about Jacob but is about Samantha instead. I made an appointment for Jacob to get his haircut because it was getting quite long and his curls were REALLY showing up. Brent had been threatening to just buzz his hair, so I made the appointment.

When we were getting ready to leave the house, Samantha said that she wants to get her hair cut, also. I told her that we could ask Ms. Sherri if she has time or not, and that if she does, then we will get it cut, but if she doesn't then we would have to try again another time. Well, Sherri did have time, so at 3 years 8 months and 8 days of age, Samantha got her first haircut. She was so excited and sat very still for Ms Sherri. She said that she really liked getting her hair cut and she wants to do it again. We may have created a monster! But at least her hair really does look least for today, we'll see how it looks when it is my tunr to fix it tomorrow!

There were supposed to be picures attached to this post...but something is wrong. I have tried 3 times to uplaod the pictures and it keeps coming up with an internal error and therefore my pics are not publishing. I will put them on facebook, so that until this problem is resolved, you can still see the pics.