Thursday, December 30, 2010


This was the first Christmas that we were purposely at our own house. Last year we were at our house, but it was because I couldn't travel two weeks after having a C-section with Jacob. We were supposed to have been at Brent's parents house last year. I wasn't sure how I would feel this year, not being with everyone in my family. Last year Christmas Eve was very hard for me, but Christmas morning was lovely, then we went to the Griffiths house for Christmas dinner with several other families, and it was a wonderful day. So, like I said, I didn't know what to expect this year.

Honestly, I really think that it helps to have the kids older. I didn't have time to miss everyone on Christmas Eve because I was so busy with the kids, and they are both at such a fun age. Samantha and I made cookies for Santa while Jacob was napping, and the rest of the time, the two kids keep me hopping. We went to a Christmas Eve service at the church nearest to our house (since our church doesn't have a Christmas Eve service) and saw quite a few people we know. (After all, we have visited there before since it is the church that Brent's parents attend.) It was a very nice service with quite a few Bible readings and lots of Christmas carols (which I love, of course!) Then later, after the kids went to bed, Brent and I stayed VERY busy trying to finish up with wrapping presents and getting them all under the tree.

Then Christmas morning was so exciting. Both kids had a great time, and I think that the hit of the day for BOTH kids was the kitchen that Santa brought for Samantha. Although, Jacob really likes his learning puppy that Santa brought him, too.

It was so much fun to see the excitement on Samantha's face as she saw her kitchen and told us it was for her. Then she looked over to Jacob's puppy and told us that it was for J-Bub with almost as much excitement as she showed for her kitchen. And you can see from the pictures how she reacted to starting to open her stocking. Then, finally, when she opened her present from Uncle Steven (a Fancy Nancy book) she yelled out, "It's Fancy Nancy!" She asks someone to read that book to her at least once a day. And she is very regularly asking me "It's OK if I play with my kitchen now?" I think she keeps asking because we told her that she could only play with her handbells when Jacob is awake, and she hasn't quite figured out that the music toys are the only toys she must leave alone when he is sleeping. But, no matter what the reason, it is quite cute to hear her asking, and then to hear how excited she gets when the answer is that of course she can play with her kitchen.

Brent's parents came over later in the morning and we had lunch together, then they stayed until the middle of the afternoon. We enjoyed being together with them as well. Even though I still miss my family, I think that I really do like our new tradition of staying home for Christmas.

Christmas Eve:

Making gingerbread cookies for Santa:

Santa has been here! (the tree before the kids got up)