Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Early Christmas

Brent's family came on 12/19 and 12/20 to celebrate Christmas with us since we could not go to Clifton to be with them for Christmas this year. We all had a great time together, it just wasn't long enough!

The William's (even baby Amilia who won't be born until Feb or March) got to meet and hold Jacob.

Samantha had a wonderful time playing with her cousin Emma. In fact, we heard "Amma, Amma!" much more often than we heard Mommy or Daddy. And Emma is a WONDEFUL big cousin to play with Samantha so much! The day after everyone left, Samantha was still asking for Emma, and she gets very excited everytime she sees a picture of Emma now.

All 4 of the Grelle grankids...although we will have to update to a picture of 5 of them before too much longer :)

Grandpa made Samantha a new toybox, and Memaw gave her an adorable fabric tea set. She LOVES them. We sit on the toybox and have tea all the time now! A stuffed Elmo and an Elmo sweatshirt, and a new baby doll made Samantha very excited, too.

We were sad to see everyone leave and look forward to getting together again soon! We only wish we lived closer together so it would be easier to get together more often.