Wednesday, November 11, 2009

(almost) 35 weeks

Tomorrow I will be at 35 weeks in my pregnancy. That means that today is the day in my pregnancy that Samantha was born...and no blood pressure issues so far, praise God!! One month from today is the day I am scheduled for my C-section. Any bets as to whether I make it that far or not?

So I thought I would use today's post to reflect a little bit, on the I will, I won't and I'll love.

Once we have the baby, things I will miss...
Having the baby with me at all times, even at work.
Feeling the baby move even when no one else knows that I do.
Being able to reach down and feel the baby anytime I matter what.

Things I won't miss...
Leg cramps in the middle of the night.
Having my ribs bruised from the inside as the baby practices his/her kickboxing skills.
Being too worn out to walk through Walmart.
Losing my breath so easily.
Constant backaches.
The baby using an already teaspoon sized bladder as a punching bag.
Getting up 15 million times a night becasue of the teaspoon sized bladder being used as a punching bag.
Needing pillows surrounding my body to sleep somewhat comfortably.
Being unable to sleep on my back or my stomach.

Things I will love...
Meeting the baby face to face.
Seeing Brent and Samantha meet the baby face to face.
Seeing Samantha give our baby kisses.
Holding the baby in my arms.
Seeing Brent snuggle with the little one...and the bigger one.
Having a baby fall asleep in my arms again.
Seeing God's grace in another sweet little face in our lives.

I'm not ready for the baby to come yet...but we are getting closer and I am looking forward to being at that point.