Thursday, June 18, 2009

Truly a Toddler

Our baby girl really is a toddler!!!

OK, you got some of the timeline already, but just for continuity, I will put it all in one place.

5/21/09 - Samantha took her first steps alone. She did this a couple times a day until 5/25/09, then completely stopped. She wanted NOTHING to do with walking unless she was holding both of my hands, pushing a toy or cruising.

6/6/09 - she started taking 4-5 steps at a time then crawled. She did this a couple times per day until the next Friday (6/12).

6/12/09 - Brent brought her home from the babysitter early (about 1:30pm.) Grandma and Grandpa were at our house with Benjamin, and she decided this was the time to start walking. She just started walking all over the house and stopped crawling completely. This was her first day of walking, and by the time I got home, just after 5pm, she was already carrying large, heavy items and keeping both hands full while she was walking. Babies aren't supposed to be able to do that until they have been walking for two months! I guess this proves Brent and I were right. We have been saying for a couple of months that she has been capable of walking...she just hadn't decided to do it yet.

Watch for video to come :)