Saturday, March 21, 2009

All Done

Samantha has finally learned a new sign. We started trying to teach her "all done" at the same time that we started teaching her "more". Months and months and months ago. She has been signing "more" since August or September, but she never would sign "all done". She would respond with a smile when I signed it, so we knew that she knew the meaning, she just never did it herself. Today, she signed "all done" for the first time. Woohoo!! And she did it at two meals. I will attempt to get a picture tomorrow. Maybe she will even cooperate on film (I guess that should actually be on megapixels) and my camera will actually focus when she does. Keep your fingers crossed!

The only problem with her signing this sign is that she didn't eat very much before she signed "all done". But if we didn't take her out of the high chair when she did it, it would counteract the meaning of the sign. So we decided that would be the end of her dinner, but that maybe she would drink more milk right before bed. Hopefully that was a good decision...this parenting stuff is hard!

And since I am telling you about her new sign, I might as well tell you all of her words that I can think of. Some you have already heard about but I can't remember for sure what I have already said, so we will start from the top. Dada, Mama (and yes, she does call me mama more often now, but I am still Dada at least half the time), uh-oh, da doo (Thank you), bye-bye, uic (juice), ca-ca (get your mind out of the dump, she is saying cracker!!!:)), eas (please), si (spanish for yes), ishy (fishy), dida (diaper), eez (keys), die (outside), dah (dog), ah ah (what does a dog say? arf arf. She actually did the barking long before the word dog. She would just hear Cori or any other dog and copy them) She hasn't said bah (book) or baba (Benjamin) for a while. I expect she will probably say Benjamin again when we see him at Easter, but I have no idea why she has stopped saying book. Books are still her favorite toys. I'm sure we will start hearing it again sometime, it just seems weird that she would drop that word rather than one of the others...I guess there is no understanding a 1 year olds mind.